Composers 'K'

Albert William Ketèlbey

Portrait of Albert William Ketèlbey (1875-1959)

9 August 1875
Birmingham, England

26 November 1959
Cowes, Isle of Wight, England

Otto Ketting

Portrait of Otto Ketting (born 1935)

No data available.

Geert van Keulen

Portrait of Geert van Keulen (born 1943)


Jaap van Keulen

Portrait of Jaap van Keulen (born 1966)

Winschoten, Netherlands

Tristan Keuris

Portrait of Tristan Keuris (born 1946)


Ursula Keusen Nickel

Portrait of Ursula Keusen Nickel (born 1932)

No data available.

Aram Khachaturian

Portrait of Aram Khachaturian (1903-1978)

6 June 1903
Tbilisi [თბილისი], Georgia

1 May 1978
Moscow [Москва], Russia

Wajahat Khan

Portrait of Wajahat Khan (born 1964)

No data available.

Iwan Khandoschkin

Portrait of Iwan Khandoschkin (1747-1804)

No data available.

Karen S. Khatschaturjan

Portrait of Karen S. Khatschaturjan (born 1920)

No data available.

Friedrich Kiel

Portrait of Friedrich Kiel (1821-1885)

8 October 1821
Puderbach (Bad Laasphe), Germany

13 September 1885
Berlin, Germany

Wilhelm Kienzl

Portrait of Wilhelm Kienzl (1857-1941)

17 January 1857
Waizenkirchen, Upper Austria

3 October 1941
Vienna, Austria

Georg Kiessig

Portrait of Georg Kiessig (1885-1945)

Leipzig, Germany


Wojciech Kilar

Portrait of Wojciech Kilar (born 1932)

17 July 1932
Lviv, Galicia

Wilhelm Killmayer

Portrait of Wilhelm Killmayer (1927-2017)

21 August 1927
Munich, Germany

20 August 2017
Starnberg, Germany

Yrjö Kilpinen

Portrait of Yrjö Kilpinen (1892-1959)

4 February 1892
Helsinki, Finland

2 March 1959
Helsinki, Finland

Byong Kong Kim

Portrait of Byong Kong Kim (born 1929)

No data available.

Earl Kim

Portrait of Earl Kim (1920-1998)

No data available.

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