Composers 'L'

Felix Leuschner

Portrait of Felix Leuschner (born 1978)

Friedberg (Hesse), Germany

Denis Levaillant

Portrait of Denis Levaillant (born 1952)

Paris, France

Ernst Levy

Portrait of Ernst Levy (1895-1981)

18 November 1895
Basel, Switzerland

19 April 1981
Morges, Vaud, Switzerland

Frank Ezra Levy

Portrait of Frank Ezra Levy (born 1930)

No data available.

Martin David Levy

Portrait of Martin David Levy (1932-2015)

2 August 1932
Passaic, New Jersey, USA

9 February 2015
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Louis Lewandowski

Portrait of Louis Lewandowski (1821-1894)

No data available.

Max Lewandowsky

Portrait of Max Lewandowsky (1874-1906)

16 February 1874
Hamburg, Germany

27 August 1906
Hamburg, Germany

Peter Tod Lewis

Portrait of Peter Tod Lewis (1932-1982)

No data available.

Robert Hall Lewis

Portrait of Robert Hall Lewis (born 1926)

No data available.

Bernhard Lewkovitch

Portrait of Bernhard Lewkovitch (born 1927)

No data available.

Karl Lewy

Portrait of Karl Lewy (1823-1883)


30 April 1883

Ulrich Leyendecker

Portrait of Ulrich Leyendecker (born 1946)

29 January 1946
Wuppertal, Germany

Antoine Lhoyer

Portrait of Antoine Lhoyer (1768-1852)

No data available.

Heinrich Lichner

Portrait of Heinrich Lichner (1829-1898)

6 March 1829
Harperdorf near Goldberg, Silesia

7 January 1898
Wrocław, Silesia

Johann Georg Lickl

Portrait of Johann Georg Lickl (1769-1843)

No data available.

Cristiano Giuseppe Lidarti

Portrait of Cristiano Giuseppe Lidarti (1730-1795)

No data available.

Ingvar Lidholm

Portrait of Ingvar Lidholm (born 1921)

No data available.

Sigurd Lie

Portrait of Sigurd Lie (1871-1904)


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