Composers 'L'

Joseph Lamb

Portrait of Joseph Lamb (1877-1960)

No data available.

Charles Lucièn Lambert

Portrait of Charles Lucièn Lambert (1828-1896)

No data available.

Constant Lambert

Portrait of Constant Lambert (1905-1951)

23 August 1905
London, England

21 August 1951
London, England

John Lambert

Portrait of John Lambert (1926-1995)

No data available.

Lucièn-Leon Guillaume Lambert

Portrait of Lucièn-Leon Guillaume Lambert (1858-1945)

No data available.

Michel Lambert

Portrait of Michel Lambert (1611-1696)

No data available.

Anna Lambrechts-Vos

Portrait of Anna Lambrechts-Vos (1876-1932)

29 June 1876
Rotterdam, Netherlands

16 January 1932

Simon Lambros

Portrait of Simon Lambros (born 1960)

Great Britain

Henry J. Lammers

Portrait of Henry J. Lammers (born 1924)

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Frederic Lamond

Portrait of Frederic Lamond (1868-1948)


John La Montaine

Portrait of John La Montaine (born 1920)

No data available.

Philippe Lamoury

Portrait of Philippe Lamoury (1835-1890)

No data available.

Günter Lampe

Portrait of Günter Lampe (1925-2003)

25 July 1925
Weimar, Germany

19 September 2003
Weimar, Germany

John Frederick Lampe

Portrait of John Frederick Lampe (1702-1751)

No data available.

Walther Lampe

Portrait of Walther Lampe (1872-1964)

No data available.

Elmar Lampson

Portrait of Elmar Lampson (born 1952)

No data available.

Thierry Lancino

Portrait of Thierry Lancino (born 1954)

27 March 1954
Civray, France

Stefano Landi

Portrait of Stefano Landi (1587-1639)

26 February 1587 (baptism)
Rome, Italy

28 October 1639
Rome, Italy

Francesco Landini

Portrait of Francesco Landini (1325-1397)

No data available.

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