Composers 'L'

Fernand Le Borne

Portrait of Fernand Le Borne (1862-1929)

10 March 1862
Charleroi, Belgium

15 February 1929
Paris, France

Franziska Lebrun

Portrait of Franziska Lebrun (1756-1791)

24 March 1756
Mannheim, Germany

14 May 1791
Berlin, Germany

Ludwig August Lebrun

Portrait of Ludwig August Lebrun (1752-1790)

2 May 1752
Mannheim, Germany

16 December 1790
Berlin, Germany

Adolphe Clair Lecarpentier

Portrait of Adolphe Clair Lecarpentier (1809-1869)

No data available.

Leonhardt Lechner

Portrait of Leonhardt Lechner (1553-1606)

No data available.

Jean-Marie Leclair the Elder

Portrait of Jean-Marie Leclair the Elder (1697-1764)

10 May 1697
Lyon, France

22 October 1764
Paris, France

Charles Lecocq

Portrait of Charles Lecocq (1832-1918)

3 June 1832
Paris, France

24 October 1918
Paris, France

Ernesto Lecuona

Portrait of Ernesto Lecuona (1895-1963)

No data available.

Margarita Lecuona

Portrait of Margarita Lecuona (1910-1981)

No data available.

Roman Ledeniov

Portrait of Roman Ledeniov (born 1930)

4 December 1930
Moscow [Москва], Russia

Jacques Leduc

Portrait of Jacques Leduc (born 1932)

No data available.

Simon Le Duc

Portrait of Simon Le Duc (1742-1777)

No data available.

Hope Lee

Portrait of Hope Lee (born 1953)

14 January 1953

Louis Lee

Portrait of Louis Lee (1819-1896)

19 October 1819
Hamburg, Germany

26 August 1896
Lübeck, Germany

Sebastian Lee

Portrait of Sebastian Lee (1805-1887)

24 December 1805
Hamburg, Germany

4 January 1887
Hamburg, Germany

Thomas Oboe Lee

Portrait of Thomas Oboe Lee (born 1945)

No data available.

Yinam Leef

Portrait of Yinam Leef (born 1953)

No data available.

Benjamin Lees

Portrait of Benjamin Lees (born 1924)

No data available.

Ton de Leeuw

Portrait of Ton de Leeuw (1926-1996)

16 November 1926
Rotterdam, Netherlands

31 May 1996
Paris, France

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