Änderungen und neue Einträge in Klassika


Andrea Clearfield Diary of Justyna  
Andrea Clearfield Nes Gadol Hayah Sham  
Andrea Clearfield Winter Spirits  
Andrea Clearfield On the Pulse of Morning  
Andrea Clearfield Awake at Dawn  
Andrea Clearfield Jocheved  
Andrea Clearfield The River of God  
Andrea Clearfield Sarah  
Andrea Clearfield The Long Bright  
Andrea Clearfield The Shape of My Soul  
Andrea Clearfield Into the Distance  
Andrea Clearfield Foundations  
Andrea Clearfield Songs of the Wolf  
Andrea Clearfield Reminiscence  
Andrea Clearfield Cascade  
Andrea Clearfield Double Play  
Andrea Clearfield unremembered wings  
Andrea Clearfield New work  
Andrea Clearfield Fantasy for Sax Quartet  
Andrea Clearfield Angelfire  
Andrea Clearfield Millennium Fanfare  
Andrea Clearfield always (light), fragments (love)  
Andrea Clearfield Re-Turn  
Andrea Clearfield Women of Cyprus  
Andrea Clearfield TRAX  
Andrea Clearfield The Crying Queen  
Andrea Clearfield Concerto for Marimba and String Orchestra  
Andrea Clearfield Sea Trilogy  
Andrea Clearfield Time and Space  
Andrea Clearfield In Memoriam  
Andrea Clearfield Under the Sleeping Tree  
Andrea Clearfield Red Clay  
Andrea Clearfield Earth Circle  
Andrea Clearfield Winter Universe  
Andrea Clearfield Gaia  
Andrea Clearfield Labyrinth  
Andrea Clearfield Only The Wind  
Andrea Clearfield Love Song  
Andrea Clearfield Weeping into Green  
Andrea Clearfield Three Songs for Oboe and Double Bass  
Andrea Clearfield Legacy  
Andrea Clearfield Three Songs for Violin and Double Bass  
Andrea Clearfield Prayer  
Andrea Clearfield Timecycle  
Andrea Clearfield The Rim of Love  
Andrea Clearfield Women of Valor  
Andrea Clearfield Fanfare for the Millenium  
Andrea Clearfield Sax Trax  
Andrea Clearfield Mallet Madness  
Andrea Clearfield Redstone String quartet  
Andrea Clearfield Women of Cyprus  
Andrea Clearfield From the Heart  
Andrea Clearfield Luna  
Andrea Clearfield Spirit Island  
Andrea Clearfield Into the Falcon's Eye  
Andrea Clearfield City, Urban Tracks  
Andrea Clearfield Body, Dream Sequence  
Andrea Clearfield Drip to Me Only  
Arnold Cooke Capriccio for recorder & piano  
Arnold Cooke Concerto for cello & orchestra  
Arnold Cooke Intermezzo & Capriccio  
Arnold Cooke O Men from the Fields  
Arnold Cooke The Lord at first did Adam make  
Arnold Cooke Divertimento for flute, oboe, violin, cello & piano  
Arnold Cooke Divertimento for descant recorder, treble recorder, violin, cello & harpsichord  
Arnold Cooke Alla Marcia  
Arnold Cooke Pavana  
Arnold Cooke Sechs Duette  
Arnold Cooke Prelude & Dance  
Arnold Cooke Arietta  
Arnold Cooke Sonata for bassoon & piano  
Arnold Cooke Fantasia for organ  
Arnold Cooke Repton Fantasia  
Arnold Cooke Sonatina for recorder trio  
Arnold Cooke Sonatina for alto flute & piano  
Arnold Cooke Magnificat Nunc Dimitis  
Arnold Cooke O Sing unto the Lord  
Arnold Cooke Loving Shepherd  
Arnold Cooke Anthem on Psalms 19 & 100  
Arnold Cooke The heavens declare the glory of God  
Arnold Cooke Impromptu  
Arnold Cooke Intermezzo for oboe & harpsichord  
Arnold Cooke Invention for treble recorder  
Arnold Cooke Two pieces for recorder  
Arnold Cooke Ode on St Cecilia's Day  
Arnold Cooke Concerto no.2 for clarinet & orchestra  
Arnold Cooke Quintet for clarinet & string quartet  
Arnold Cooke Arietta  
Arnold Cooke Quintet for piano & string quartet  
Arnold Cooke Concerto for small orchestra  
Arnold Cooke Concerto for orchestra  
Arnold Cooke Kleiner Gedichtkreis  
Arnold Cooke Six Country Songs  
Arnold Cooke The Seamew  
Arnold Cooke Three Flower Songs  
Arnold Cooke Five Songs of William Blake  
Arnold Cooke Sonata for oboe & harpsichord  
Arnold Cooke The Invisible Duke  
Arnold Cooke Sonata no.2 for organ  
Arnold Cooke Prelude, Intermezzo & Finale  
Arnold Cooke Toccata & Aria  
Arnold Cooke Fugal Adventures  
Arnold Cooke Festival Prelude  
Arnold Cooke Organ Prelude for Tudeley  
Arnold Cooke Quartet for flute, clarinet, cello & piano  
Arnold Cooke Quartet for treble recorder, violin, violoncello & piano  
Arnold Cooke Quartet no.1 for recorders  
Arnold Cooke Quartet for clarinets  
Arnold Cooke Quartet no.2 for recorders  
Arnold Cooke Wind-Quintet  
Arnold Cooke Four Trumpets & Timpani  
Arnold Cooke Septet for clarinets  
Arnold Cooke Septet for wind & strings  
Arnold Cooke Quartet-Sonata  
Arnold Cooke Sonata for harmonica & piano  
Arnold Cooke Sonata for flute & harp  
Arnold Cooke Suite for treble recorder & piano  
Arnold Cooke Jabez and the Devil  
Arnold Cooke Suite for recorder quartet  
Arnold Cooke Suite for recorder trio & harpsichord  
Arnold Cooke York Suite  
Arnold Cooke Suite no.2 for piano  
Arnold Cooke Suite for three Viols  
Arnold Cooke Suite no.3 for piano  
Arnold Cooke Suite no.2 for recorder quartet  
Arnold Cooke A Little Suite  
Arnold Cooke Suite for organ  
Arnold Cooke A Little Suite no.2  
Arnold Cooke Suite for two treble recorders & bass viol  
Arnold Cooke Trio for clarinet, cello & piano  
Arnold Cooke Trio for recorders  
Arnold Cooke Trio for oboe, clarinet & bassoon  
Arnold Cooke Serial Theme & Variations  
Arnold Cooke Variations on a Theme of Dufay  
Arnold Cooke Variations on Two Christmas Carols  
Arnold Cooke Sonata for solo violin  
Adrian Francis Cruft Three bagatelles op. 50
Adrian Francis Cruft Lily, germander and sops-in-wine op. 14
Adrian Francis Cruft Lily, germander and sops-in-wine op. 14a
Adrian Francis Cruft Lily, germander and sops-in-wine op. 14b
Adrian Francis Cruft A Passiontide carol op. 26
Adrian Francis Cruft Hallo! my fancy op. 29
Adrian Francis Cruft I bring ye love op. 37
Adrian Francis Cruft Divertissement op. 28
Adrian Francis Cruft Divertimento for string orchestra op. 43
Adrian Francis Cruft Clarinet duo op. 67
Adrian Francis Cruft Seven pieces for flute and piano op. 79
Adrian Francis Cruft Elegy for horn and strings op. 52
Adrian Francis Cruft Fantasy for oboe and string trio op. 2
Adrian Francis Cruft The horse trough op. 76
Adrian Francis Cruft Magnificat and Nunc dimittis: Schola Decaniensis op. 33
Adrian Francis Cruft Magnificat and Nunc dimittis: Schola Decaniensis op. 33a
Adrian Francis Cruft Te Deum laudamus op. 35
Adrian Francis Cruft Te Deum laudamus op. 44
Adrian Francis Cruft Benedictus op. 45
Adrian Francis Cruft Magnificat and Nunc dimittis: Collegium Regale op. 46
Adrian Francis Cruft Two psalms of praise op. 48
Adrian Francis Cruft Medieval prayers op. 82
Adrian Francis Cruft Bring us, O Lord God op. 24
Adrian Francis Cruft Great is the Lord op. 30
Adrian Francis Cruft Jubilate Deo op. 51
Adrian Francis Cruft Come, holy dove op. 66
Adrian Francis Cruft Impromptu for clarinet or viola and piano op. 22
Adrian Francis Cruft Fanfares op. 3
Adrian Francis Cruft Diptych op. 69A
Adrian Francis Cruft Lucerne music op. 78
Adrian Francis Cruft Essay on a phrase op. 85
Adrian Francis Cruft An hymne of heavenly love op. 53
Adrian Francis Cruft Alma redemptoris mater op. 54
Adrian Francis Cruft A Bemerton cantata op. 59
Adrian Francis Cruft Concertino for clarinet and string orchestra op. 21
Adrian Francis Cruft Concertino for clarinet and band op. 21A
Adrian Francis Cruft Chess pieces op. 91
Adrian Francis Cruft Two songs of quiet op. 12
Adrian Francis Cruft Ladies, farewell op. 17 Nr. 2
Adrian Francis Cruft If love be life op. 17 Nr. 4
Adrian Francis Cruft Mine own sweet Jewel op. 19
Adrian Francis Cruft Two Tobacco Songs op. 27
Adrian Francis Cruft Poor world, proud world op. 41
Adrian Francis Cruft Two Canadian Poems op. 56
Adrian Francis Cruft Songs of good counsel op. 73
Adrian Francis Cruft Into God's kingdom op. 80
Adrian Francis Cruft Into God's kingdom op. 80A
Adrian Francis Cruft The Man and the Dog op. 83 Nr. 1
Adrian Francis Cruft Two or Three op. 83 Nr. 2
Adrian Francis Cruft A little prelude and march op. 68B
Adrian Francis Cruft Mass for St. Michael op. 40
Adrian Francis Cruft Little organ mass op. 40a
Adrian Francis Cruft Lutheran mass op. 64
Adrian Francis Cruft All that began with God op. 16
Adrian Francis Cruft The Eatanswill election op. 84
Adrian Francis Cruft Dr. Syn  
Adrian Francis Cruft Concertante op. 25
Adrian Francis Cruft Meditation on the Passion Chorale op. 72a
Adrian Francis Cruft Meditation on the Passion Chorale op. 72
Adrian Francis Cruft Tamburlaine op. 38
Adrian Francis Cruft Prospero's island op. 39
Adrian Francis Cruft The island revisited op. 39A
Adrian Francis Cruft Song prelude and passacaglia op. 87
Adrian Francis Cruft Stratford music op. 57
Adrian Francis Cruft Romance for viola and pianoforte op. 13
Adrian Francis Cruft Prelude and scherzo op. 65
Adrian Francis Cruft Country Suite op. 34
Adrian Francis Cruft Oxford Suite op. 36
Adrian Francis Cruft Oxford Suite op. 36a
Adrian Francis Cruft Carillon Suite op. 61
Adrian Francis Cruft Stilestone suite op. 62
Adrian Francis Cruft Stilestone suite op. 62a
Adrian Francis Cruft Organ Suite op. 69
Adrian Francis Cruft Chalumeau Suite op. 81
Adrian Francis Cruft The Duke of Cambridge op. 88
Adrian Francis Cruft Little prelude and dance op. 68A
Adrian Francis Cruft Threnody and toccata op. 86
Adrian Francis Cruft Three miniatures op. 70
Adrian Francis Cruft Three variations op. 90
Robert Denhof Zehn Duette op. 17
Robert Denhof Sieben Präludien op. 38
Robert Denhof Russische Leiden op. 82 Nr. 2
Michael Denhoff Hauptweg und Nebenwege op. 83
Jacques Durand Romanze op. 5
Jacques Durand Romanze D-Dur op. 7
Robert Mason Three easy duettos op. 3
Heinrich Proch Allgemeine Informationen zur Person  
Fabian Rehfeld Adagio religioso op. 82
Fabian Rehfeld Serenade für Violine und Pianoforte op. 66