Änderungen und neue Einträge in Klassika


Arthur Bliss The Mountain Plover: Ushagreaisht F 35 Nr. 1
Arthur Bliss Flowers in the Valley F 35 Nr. 2
Arthur Bliss Adam Zero F 1a
Arthur Bliss The Lady of Shalott F 5
Arthur Bliss Miracle in the Gorbals F 6a
Arthur Bliss Rout F 8
Arthur Bliss As You Like It F 85
Arthur Bliss King Solomon F 86
Arthur Bliss Summer Day's Dream F 87
Arthur Bliss Memorial Concert F 120
Arthur Bliss The Tempest F 164
Arthur Bliss Pastorale: Lie Strewn the White Flocks F 33
Arthur Bliss A Song of Welcome F 34
Arthur Bliss The World is Charged with the Grandeur of God F 36 Nr. 1
Arthur Bliss Look at the Stars F 36 Nr. 3
Arthur Bliss Aubade for Coronation Morning F 37
Arthur Bliss Birthday Song for a Royal Child F 38
Arthur Bliss Cradle Song for a Newborn Child F 40
Arthur Bliss Mar Portuguese F 43
Arthur Bliss Ode for Sir William Walton F 44
Arthur Bliss One, Two, Buckle my Shoe F 46
Arthur Bliss River Music 1967 F 50
Arthur Bliss Sing, Mortals! F 53
Arthur Bliss Sweet Day, So Cool F 55
Arthur Bliss Little Bingo F 56 Nr. 1
Arthur Bliss A Widow Bird sate Mourning F 56 Nr. 2
Arthur Bliss A New Year Carol F 56 Nr. 3
Arthur Bliss Pack Clouds Away F 191
Arthur Bliss Song of a Man who has Come Through F 193
Arthur Bliss Enid's Blast F 88
Arthur Bliss Two Pieces for Clarinet and Piano F 92
Arthur Bliss Fun and Games F 154
Arthur Bliss Rout F 155
Arthur Bliss Birthday Fanfare for Sir Henry Wood F 57
Arthur Bliss Birthday Greetings to the Croydon Symphony Orchestra F 58
Arthur Bliss Dominion Greetings F 59
Arthur Bliss Fanfare for a Coming of Age F 60
Arthur Bliss Fanfare for a Dignified Occasion F 61
Arthur Bliss Fanfare for a Political Address F 62
Arthur Bliss Fanfare for Heroes F 63
Arthur Bliss Fanfare for the Commonwealth Arts Festival F 64
Arthur Bliss Fanfare for the Lord Mayer of London F 65
Arthur Bliss Fanfare for the National Fund for Research into Crippling Deseases F 66
Arthur Bliss Homage to Shakespeare F 67
Arthur Bliss Fanfare Preceeding the National Anthem in G F 68
Arthur Bliss Fanfare Prelude for Orchestra 'Macclesfield' F 69
Arthur Bliss Gala Fanfare F 70
Arthur Bliss Greetings to a City F 71
Arthur Bliss High Sheriff's Fanfare F 72
Arthur Bliss Lancaster-Prelude F 73
Arthur Bliss Let the People Sing: Two Fanfares F 74
Arthur Bliss 'Peace Fanfare' for Children F 75
Arthur Bliss Prince of Wales Investiture Music F 76
Arthur Bliss The Right of the Line F 77
Arthur Bliss Royal Fanfares and Interludes F 78
Arthur Bliss A Salute to Painting F 79
Arthur Bliss Salute to the RAF F 80
Arthur Bliss Salute to the Royal Society F 81
Arthur Bliss Service of the Order of the Bath F 82
Arthur Bliss Three Jubilant and Three Solemn Fanfares F 83
Arthur Bliss The Wedding of Princess Anne F 84
Arthur Bliss An Age of Kings F 100
Arthur Bliss Caesar and Cleopatra F 103
Arthur Bliss Christopher Columbus F 105
Arthur Bliss Conquest of the Air F 112a
Arthur Bliss Men of two Worlds F 121
Arthur Bliss Présence au Combat F 125
Arthur Bliss Seven Waves Away F 129
Arthur Bliss Things To Come F 131a
Arthur Bliss Fugue for String Quartet F 17
Arthur Bliss Christ is Alive! Let Christians Sing F 39
Arthur Bliss He is the Way F 41
Arthur Bliss Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi F 47
Arthur Bliss A Prayer to the Infant Jesus F 48
Arthur Bliss Put Thou Thy Trust in the Lord F 49
Arthur Bliss God Save the Queen F 29
Arthur Bliss Lord, Who Shall Abide in Thy Tabernacle? F 42
Arthur Bliss O Give Thanks Unto the Lord F 45
Arthur Bliss Seek the Lord F 51
Arthur Bliss Stand Up and Bless the Lord your God F 54
Arthur Bliss Intermezzo for Viola and Piano F 89
Arthur Bliss Intermezzo for Piano F 139
Arthur Bliss Music for a Prince F 90
Arthur Bliss The Beatitudes F 28
Arthur Bliss The Golden Cantata: Music is the Golden Form F 30
Arthur Bliss Mary of Magdala F 31
Arthur Bliss Shield of Faith F 52
Arthur Bliss Quintet for Clarinet and String Quartet F 20
Arthur Bliss Bliss F 138
Arthur Bliss Karen's Piece F 140
Arthur Bliss Masks F 141
Arthur Bliss Study F 146
Arthur Bliss Triptych F 150
Arthur Bliss Two Interludes for Piano F 151
Arthur Bliss Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in Bb F 108
Arthur Bliss Concerto for Piano, Tenor Voice, Strings and Percussion F 109
Arthur Bliss Concerto for two Pianos and Orchestra F 110
Arthur Bliss Quintet for Piano and String Quartet F 22
Arthur Bliss Sonata for Piano F 145
Arthur Bliss Elegiac Sonnet F 156
Arthur Bliss The Enchantress F 157
Arthur Bliss A Christmas Carol F 158 Nr. 1
Arthur Bliss Sea Love F 158 Nr. 2
Arthur Bliss Vocalise F 158 Nr. 3
Arthur Bliss The Mad Woman of Punnet's Town F 158 Nr. 4
Arthur Bliss Fish in River F 159 Nr. 1
Arthur Bliss Swallows F 159 Nr. 2
Arthur Bliss An Oyster F 159 Nr. 3
Arthur Bliss A Weather Cock F 159 Nr. 4
Arthur Bliss A Bookworm F 159 Nr. 5
Arthur Bliss A Cross of Wood F 159 Nr. 6
Arthur Bliss Sun and Moon F 159 Nr. 7
Arthur Bliss Madam Noy F 160
Arthur Bliss Rout F 162
Arthur Bliss The Ragword F 165 Nr. 1
Arthur Bliss The Dandelion F 165 Nr. 2
Arthur Bliss She is a Southern Girl F 166 Nr. 1
Arthur Bliss Many a Girl F 166 Nr. 2
Arthur Bliss She is Gathering Lotus Buds F 166 Nr. 3
Arthur Bliss She, a Tungyang Girl F 166 Nr. 4
Arthur Bliss The Water on the Mirror Lake F 166 Nr. 5
Arthur Bliss Worry about Money F 167 Nr. 1
Arthur Bliss Lenten Flowers F 167 Nr. 2
Arthur Bliss Harvest F 167 Nr. 3
Arthur Bliss Seed F 167 Nr. 4
Arthur Bliss In the Beck F 167 Nr. 5
Arthur Bliss Storm F 167 Nr. 6
Arthur Bliss Nocturne F 167 Nr. 7
Arthur Bliss At the Window F 168
Arthur Bliss Auvergnat F 169
Arthur Bliss Spring F 170 Nr. 1
Arthur Bliss Summer F 170 Nr. 2
Arthur Bliss Autumn F 170 Nr. 3
Arthur Bliss Winter F 170 Nr. 4
Arthur Bliss A Child's Prayer F 171
Arthur Bliss The Fallow Deer at the Lonely House F 172
Arthur Bliss The Hammers F 173
Arthur Bliss Rich or Poor F 174
Arthur Bliss Sailing or Flying F 175
Arthur Bliss Gone, gone again is Summer F 176 Nr. 1
Arthur Bliss Siege F 176 Nr. 2
Arthur Bliss Feast F 176 Nr. 3
Arthur Bliss Little Elegy F 176 Nr. 4
Arthur Bliss Rain comes down F 176 Nr. 5
Arthur Bliss Fair Annet's Song F 176 Nr. 6
Arthur Bliss Being Young and Green F 176 Nr. 7
Arthur Bliss Simples F 177
Arthur Bliss Three Jolly Gentlemen F 178
Arthur Bliss The Hare F 179 Nr. 1
Arthur Bliss Lovelocks F 179 Nr. 2
Arthur Bliss The Buckle F 179 Nr. 3
Arthur Bliss Thunderstorms F 180 Nr. 1
Arthur Bliss This Night F 180 Nr. 2
Arthur Bliss Leisure F 180 Nr. 3
Arthur Bliss 'Tis Time I Think by Wenlock Town F 181
Arthur Bliss The Tramps F 182
Arthur Bliss Tulips F 183
Arthur Bliss Humoresque F 184 Nr. 1
Arthur Bliss The Return from Town F 184 Nr. 2
Arthur Bliss When I was One and Twenty F 185
Arthur Bliss The Linburn Air F 14
Arthur Bliss March of Homage in Honour of a Great Man F 93
Arthur Bliss The Phoenix - Homage to France, August 1944 F 94
Arthur Bliss Welcome the Queen F 95
Arthur Bliss Quintet for Oboe and String Quartet F 21
Arthur Bliss The Beggar's Opera F 96
Arthur Bliss The Olympians F 97
Arthur Bliss Tobias and the Angel F 98
Arthur Bliss Call to Adventure F 11
Arthur Bliss The First Guards F 12
Arthur Bliss A Birthday Greeting to Her Majesty F 101
Arthur Bliss 'Bliss' (One Step) F 102
Arthur Bliss Discourse for Orchestra F 113
Arthur Bliss Heritage of Britain F 115
Arthur Bliss Hymn to Apollo F 116
Arthur Bliss Introduction and Allegro F 117
Arthur Bliss Meditations on a Theme by John Blow F 118
Arthur Bliss Mêlée Fantasque F 119
Arthur Bliss Processional F 126
Arthur Bliss Pyanepsion F 127
Arthur Bliss Spirit of the Age F 130
Arthur Bliss Two Contrasts for Orchestra F 132
Arthur Bliss Two Studies for Orchestra F 133
Arthur Bliss Twone, the House of Felicity F 134
Arthur Bliss War in the Air F 135
Arthur Bliss Your Questions Answered F 136
Arthur Bliss Edinburgh F 114
Arthur Bliss Ceremonial Prelude F 104
Arthur Bliss Praeludium F 137
Arthur Bliss Conversations F 16
Arthur Bliss Miniature Scherzo F 143
Arthur Bliss String Quartet in A major F 23
Arthur Bliss Kenilworth F 13
Arthur Bliss Conquest of the Air F 112b
Arthur Bliss Royal Palace Music F 128
Arthur Bliss Things To Come F 131b
Arthur Bliss Suite for Piano F 147
Arthur Bliss Suite for Piano F 148
Arthur Bliss A Wedding Suite F 153
Arthur Bliss Morning Heroes F 32
Arthur Bliss A Colour Symphony F 106
Arthur Bliss Five Dances from Checkmate F 2d
Arthur Bliss Prologue and Five Dances from Checkmate F 2e
Arthur Bliss Two Dances from Checkmate F 2f
Arthur Bliss Four Dances from Checkmate F 2g
Arthur Bliss Three Dances from Checkmate F 2h
Arthur Bliss May-Zeeh F 142
Arthur Bliss The Rout Trot F 144
Arthur Bliss Valses fantastiques F 152
Arthur Bliss Toccata for Piano F 149
Arthur Bliss Das alte Jahr vergangen ist F 186
Arthur Bliss Bach Chorales from St. John Passion F 187
Arthur Bliss Fire Dance F 188
Arthur Bliss Set of Act Tunes and Dances F 189
Arthur Bliss Play a Penta F 19
Arthur Bliss The Belmont Variations F 10
Arthur Bliss Metamorphic Variations F 122
Arthur Bliss Sonata for Viola and Piano F 91
Arthur Bliss Concerto for Violin and Orchestra F 111
André Messager Solo de Concours