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Oldrich Flosman Rebellensonatine  
George Gershwin Short Story  
George Gershwin Merry Andrew  
George Gershwin Ragging The Traumerei  
George Gershwin Since I Found You  
George Gershwin Drifting Along With The Tide  
George Gershwin Making Of A Girl  
George Gershwin When You Want 'Em, You Can't Get 'Em, When You've Got 'Em, You Don't Want 'Em  
George Gershwin My Runaway Girl  
George Gershwin Some Rain Must Fall  
George Gershwin You-oo Just You  
George Gershwin We're Six Little Nieces Of Our Uncle Sam  
George Gershwin When There's A Chance To Dance  
George Gershwin You Are Not The Girl  
George Gershwin Some Wonderful Sort of Someone  
George Gershwin The Real American Folk Song (Is A Rag)  
George Gershwin A Corner Of Heaven With You  
George Gershwin Cupid  
George Gershwin Good Little Tune  
George Gershwin Gush-Gush-Gushing  
George Gershwin Hong Kong  
George Gershwin Little Sunbeam  
George Gershwin Our Little Kitchenette  
George Gershwin The Ten Commandments Of Love  
George Gershwin There's Magic In The Air  
George Gershwin When The Armies Disband  
George Gershwin When You Live In A Furnished Flat  
George Gershwin Come To The Moon  
George Gershwin From Now On  
George Gershwin I Was So Young (You Were So Beautiful)  
George Gershwin Nobody But You  
George Gershwin Oo, How I Love You To Be Loved by You  
George Gershwin Poppyland  
George Gershwin Somehow It Seldom Comes True  
George Gershwin Something About Love  
George Gershwin The Best Of Everything  
George Gershwin The Love Of A Wife  
George Gershwin There's More To The Kiss Than The X-X-X  
George Gershwin We're Pals  
George Gershwin Baby Dolls  
George Gershwin Doughnuts  
George Gershwin I'll Show You A Wonderful World  
George Gershwin It's Great To Be In Love  
George Gershwin It's Hard To Tell  
George Gershwin Kisses  
George Gershwin Let Cutie Cut Your Cuticle  
George Gershwin Money, Money, Money!  
George Gershwin O Land Of Mine, America  
George Gershwin The League Of Nations  
George Gershwin Idle Dreams  
George Gershwin Lu Lu  
George Gershwin My Lady  
George Gershwin On My Mind The Whole Night Long  
George Gershwin Scandal Walk  
George Gershwin Snowflakes  
George Gershwin Spanish Love  
George Gershwin The Songs Of Long Ago  
George Gershwin Tum On And Tiss Me  
George Gershwin Waiting For The Sun To Come Out  
George Gershwin Ask Me Again  
George Gershwin Back Home  
George Gershwin Everybody Swat The Profiteer  
George Gershwin For No Reason at All  
George Gershwin I Don't Know Why (When I Dance With You)  
George Gershwin I Want To Be Wanted By You  
George Gershwin My Old Love Is My New Love  
George Gershwin Queen Isabella  
George Gershwin Boy Wanted  
George Gershwin Dancing Shoes  
George Gershwin Just to Know You Are Mine  
George Gershwin Mischa, Yascha, Toscha, Sascha  
George Gershwin My Log-Cabin Home  
George Gershwin She's Just A Baby  
George Gershwin Swanee Rose  
George Gershwin The Simple Life  
George Gershwin Where East Meets West  
George Gershwin Ain't Love Grand  
George Gershwin Anything For You  
George Gershwin Beautiful Bird  
George Gershwin Every Girl Has A Way  
George Gershwin Futuristic Melody  
George Gershwin He's Gone  
George Gershwin In The Heart Of A Geisha  
George Gershwin Molly-on-the-Shore  
George Gershwin Moonlight  
George Gershwin Mother Eve  
George Gershwin On The Brim Of Her Old-Fashioned Bonnet  
George Gershwin Phoebe  
George Gershwin Pidgee Woo  
George Gershwin Something Peculiar  
George Gershwin The Baby Blues  
George Gershwin True Love  
George Gershwin We're Here Because  
George Gershwin Across The Sea  
George Gershwin By And By  
George Gershwin Cinderelatives  
George Gershwin Do It Again!  
George Gershwin I Found A Four Leaf Clover  
George Gershwin (I'll Build A) Stairway To Paradise  
George Gershwin She Hangs Out In Our Alley  
George Gershwin Walking Home With Angeline  
George Gershwin Where Is The Man Of My Dreams  
George Gershwin All To Myself  
George Gershwin Gol-Durn!  
George Gershwin I Can't Tell Where They're From When They Dance  
George Gershwin Just A Tiny Cup Of Tea  
George Gershwin Little Villages  
George Gershwin Madrigal  
George Gershwin My Old New England Home  
George Gershwin Names I Love To Hear  
George Gershwin Oh, You Lady!  
George Gershwin The Cooney Country Fair  
George Gershwin The Custody Of A Child  
George Gershwin The Flapper  
George Gershwin We Go To Church On Sunday  
George Gershwin At Half-Past Seven  
George Gershwin Beneath The Eastern Moon  
George Gershwin Good-Night, My Dear  
George Gershwin I Won't Say I Will, But I Won't Say I Won't  
George Gershwin In The Rain  
George Gershwin Let's Be Lonesome Together  
George Gershwin Lo-La-Lo  
George Gershwin Moonlight In Versailles  
George Gershwin Nashville Nightingale  
George Gershwin Oh! Nina  
George Gershwin On The Beach At How've-You-Been  
George Gershwin Strut Lady With Me  
George Gershwin Sunday In London Town  
George Gershwin Sweetheart (I'm So Glad That I Met You)  
George Gershwin The Sunshine Trail  
George Gershwin There Is Nothing Too Good For You  
George Gershwin You And I (In Old Versailles)  
George Gershwin All Over Town  
George Gershwin Any Little Tune  
George Gershwin Garden Of Love  
George Gershwin Give Me My Mammy  
George Gershwin Katinka  
George Gershwin Laugh Your Cares Away  
George Gershwin Little Scandal Doll  
George Gershwin Look In The Looking Glass  
George Gershwin Midnight Blues  
George Gershwin Beau Brummel  
George Gershwin Berkeley Square And Kew  
George Gershwin Fascinating Rhythm  
George Gershwin Four Little Sirens  
George Gershwin Hang On to Me  
George Gershwin Hey! Hey! Let 'Er Go!  
George Gershwin I Make Hay When The Moon Shines  
George Gershwin I Need A Garden  
George Gershwin Isn't It Wonderful  
George Gershwin Little Jazz Bird  
George Gershwin Mah-Jongg  
George Gershwin Naughty Baby  
George Gershwin Night Time In Araby  
George Gershwin Oh, Lady, Be Good  
George Gershwin Some Far Away Someone  
George Gershwin Someone Believes In You  
George Gershwin That New-Fangled Mother Of Mine  
George Gershwin The Jijibo  
George Gershwin The Man I Love  
George Gershwin The Mophams  
George Gershwin Till I Meet Someone Like You  
George Gershwin Under A One-Man Top  
George Gershwin Virginia  
George Gershwin Wait A Bit, Susie  
George Gershwin When Toby Is Out Of Town  
George Gershwin Year After Year  
George Gershwin A Wonderful Party  
George Gershwin Be The Life Of The Crowd  
George Gershwin Evening Star  
George Gershwin Hurray For The U.S.A.  
George Gershwin I Love You, My Darling  
George Gershwin I'm Going Back  
George Gershwin Isn't It Terrible What They Did To Mary, Queen Of Scots?  
George Gershwin Juanita  
George Gershwin Just Missed The Opening Chorus  
George Gershwin Just Supposing  
George Gershwin Laddy Daddy  
George Gershwin Leave It To Love  
George Gershwin Linger In The Lobby  
George Gershwin Lovers Of Art  
George Gershwin My Little Duckie  
George Gershwin Pep! Zip! And Punch!  
George Gershwin Quite A Party  
George Gershwin Rainy Day Girls  
George Gershwin Seeing Dickie Home  
George Gershwin Singin' Pete  
George Gershwin Strike, Strike, Strike  
George Gershwin Sweet Little Devil  
George Gershwin System  
George Gershwin The Bad, Bad Men  
George Gershwin The End Of A String  
George Gershwin The Live Wire  
George Gershwin The Matrimonial Handicap  
George Gershwin The Robinson Hotel  
George Gershwin The Same Old Story  
George Gershwin Weather Man  
George Gershwin What's The Use?  
George Gershwin When Our Ship Comes Sailing In  
George Gershwin Will You Remember Me?  
George Gershwin You're Mighty Lucky  
George Gershwin Baby!  
George Gershwin Kickin' the Clouds Away  
George Gershwin Looking For A Boy  
George Gershwin Midnight Bells  
George Gershwin My Fair Lady  
George Gershwin Nice Baby! (Come to Papa!)  
George Gershwin Nightie-Night  
George Gershwin That Certain Feeling  
George Gershwin The Signal  
George Gershwin These Charming People  
George Gershwin Three Times A Day  
George Gershwin When Do We Dance?  
George Gershwin You Are You  
George Gershwin Dancing Hour  
George Gershwin Far Away  
George Gershwin Gather Ye Rosebuds  
George Gershwin Harbor Of Dreams  
George Gershwin How Can I Win You Now?  
George Gershwin I'm Something on Avenue A  
George Gershwin In Sardinia  
George Gershwin Lady Luck  
George Gershwin Life's Too Short To Be Blue  
George Gershwin Love, I Never Knew  
George Gershwin Love Is In The Air  
George Gershwin Mr. And Mrs. Sipkin  
George Gershwin Once  
George Gershwin Our Little Captain  
George Gershwin Shop Girls And Mannikins  
George Gershwin Tar-Tar  
George Gershwin The He-Man  
George Gershwin The Poetry Of Motion  
George Gershwin Tip-Toes  
George Gershwin Ukelele Lorelei  
George Gershwin Waiting For The Train  
George Gershwin We  
George Gershwin When The Debbies Go By  
George Gershwin Women's Work Is Never Done  
George Gershwin Dear Little Girl  
George Gershwin Do-Do-Do  
George Gershwin Don't Ask!  
George Gershwin Fidgety Feet  
George Gershwin Heaven on Earth  
George Gershwin I'd Rather Charleston  
George Gershwin Maybe  
George Gershwin Oh, Kay!  
George Gershwin Show Me The Town  
George Gershwin That Lost Barbershop Chord  
George Gershwin Ain't It Romantic?  
George Gershwin Bring On The Ding Dong Dell  
George Gershwin Buy A Little Button  
George Gershwin Stepping With Baby  
George Gershwin The Moon Is On The Sea (The Sun Is On The Sea)  
George Gershwin Dance Along With You  
George Gershwin Funny Face  
George Gershwin High Hat  
George Gershwin Let's Kiss And Make Up  
George Gershwin Military Dancing Drill  
George Gershwin 's Wonderful  
George Gershwin The World Is Mine  
George Gershwin Yankee Doodle Rhythm  
George Gershwin Acrobats  
George Gershwin Aviator  
George Gershwin Birthday Party  
George Gershwin Blue Hullabaloo  
George Gershwin Come Along, Let's Gamble  
George Gershwin Fletcher's American Cheese Choral Society  
George Gershwin Homeward Bound  
George Gershwin Hope That Someday You'll Care  
George Gershwin How About A Man Like Me?  
George Gershwin If You Will Take Our Tip  
George Gershwin Meadow Serenade  
George Gershwin O, This Is Such A Lovely War  
George Gershwin Sing A Little Song  
George Gershwin Tell The Doc  
George Gershwin The Finest Of The Finest  
George Gershwin The Girl I Love  
George Gershwin The War That Ended War  
George Gershwin Those Eyes  
George Gershwin We're All A-Worry, All Agog  
George Gershwin When You Smile  
George Gershwin When You're Single  
George Gershwin Beautiful Gypsy  
George Gershwin Ev'rybody Knows I Love Somebody  
George Gershwin Got A Rainbow  
George Gershwin How Long Has This Been Going On?  
George Gershwin I Don't Think I'll Fall In Love Today  
George Gershwin I've Got A Crush On You  
George Gershwin K-Ra-Zy For You  
George Gershwin Rosalie  
George Gershwin Say So!  
George Gershwin What Are We Here For?  
George Gershwin Where's The Boy? Here's The Girl!  
George Gershwin A-Hunting We Will Go  
George Gershwin According To Mr. Grimes  
George Gershwin Dead Men Tell No Tales  
George Gershwin Follow The Drum  
George Gershwin Good-Bye To The Old Love, Hello To The New  
George Gershwin I Forgot What I Started To Say  
George Gershwin I Want To Marry A Marionette  
George Gershwin Let Me Be A Friend To You  
George Gershwin Look At The Damn Thing Now  
George Gershwin New York Serenade  
George Gershwin Place In The Country  
George Gershwin Skull And Bones  
George Gershwin This Particular Party  
George Gershwin Treasure Island  
George Gershwin True To Them All  
George Gershwin What Causes What?  
George Gershwin When Cadets Parade  
George Gershwin When The Right One Comes Along  
George Gershwin You Know How It Is  
George Gershwin Do What You Do!  
George Gershwin Feeling Sentimental  
George Gershwin Harlem Serenade  
George Gershwin In The Mandarin's Orchid Garden  
George Gershwin Liza  
George Gershwin So Are You (The Rose Is Red - Violets Are Blue)  
George Gershwin Adored One  
George Gershwin At Mrs. Simpkin's Finishing School  
George Gershwin Black And White  
George Gershwin China Girl  
George Gershwin Follow The Minstrel Band  
George Gershwin Happy Birthday  
George Gershwin Home Blues  
George Gershwin Home Lovin' Gal (Man)  
George Gershwin How Could I Forget  
George Gershwin I Just Looked At You  
George Gershwin I'm Just A Bundle Of Sunshine  
George Gershwin I'm Out For No Good Reason Tonight  
George Gershwin Lady Of The Moon  
George Gershwin Lolita  
George Gershwin Minstrel Show  
George Gershwin My Sunday Fella  
George Gershwin Sing Song Girl  
George Gershwin Somebody Stole My Heart Away  
George Gershwin Somebody's Always Calling A Rehearsal  
George Gershwin Tonight's The Night  
George Gershwin Under The Cinnamon Tree  
George Gershwin We Are Visitors  
George Gershwin Barbary Coast  
George Gershwin Delishious  
George Gershwin Ding Dong  
George Gershwin Goldfarb! That's I'm  
George Gershwin Hanging Around With You  
George Gershwin How About A Boy Like Me?  
George Gershwin I Mean To Say  
George Gershwin I Want To Be A War Bride  
George Gershwin If I Became The President  
George Gershwin Toddlin' Along  
George Gershwin And I Have You  
George Gershwin The Gambler Of The West  
George Gershwin There Never Was Such A Charming War  
George Gershwin Toddlin' Along  
George Gershwin You Can't Unscramble Scrambled Eggs  
George Gershwin Katinkitschka  
George Gershwin Posterity Is Just Around The Corner  
George Gershwin Somebody From Somewhere  
George Gershwin Who Cares?  
George Gershwin Call Me Whate'er You Will  
George Gershwin Thanks To You  
George Gershwin Welcome To The Melting Pot  
George Gershwin You Started It  
George Gershwin You've Got What Gets Me  
George Gershwin Blue, Blue, Blue  
George Gershwin I've Got To Be There  
George Gershwin Luckiest Man In The World  
George Gershwin Mine  
George Gershwin My Cousin In Milwaukee  
George Gershwin Till Then  
George Gershwin Union Square  
George Gershwin Where You Go, I Go  
George Gershwin A Hell Of A Hole  
George Gershwin Bauer's House  
George Gershwin Climb Up That Social Letter  
George Gershwin Cloistered From The Noisy City  
George Gershwin Comes The Revolution  
George Gershwin Dancing In The Streets  
George Gershwin Fatherland, Mother of the Band  
George Gershwin First Lady And First Gent  
George Gershwin Freud And Jung And Adler  
George Gershwin Hail The Happy Couple  
George Gershwin Hanging Throttlebottom In The Morning  
George Gershwin He's Not Himself  
George Gershwin I Know A Foul Ball  
George Gershwin In Three-Quarter Time  
George Gershwin Let 'Em Eat Caviar  
George Gershwin No Better Way To Start A Case  
George Gershwin No Comprenez, No Capish, No Versteh!  
George Gershwin No Tickee, No Washee  
George Gershwin Oyez, Oyez, Oyez  
George Gershwin Pardon My English  
George Gershwin Shirts By The Millions  
George Gershwin That's What He Did  
George Gershwin The Dresden Northwest Mounted  
George Gershwin The Union League  
George Gershwin Throttle Throttlebottom  
George Gershwin Together At Last  
George Gershwin Tonight  
George Gershwin Tweedledee For President  
George Gershwin Up And At 'Em! On To Vict'ry  
George Gershwin What More Can A General Do?  
George Gershwin What Sort Of Wedding Is This?  
George Gershwin When The Judges Doff The Ermine  
George Gershwin Who's The Greatest?  
George Gershwin Why Speak Of Money?  
George Gershwin Aren't You Kind Of Glad We Did?  
George Gershwin I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'  
George Gershwin It Take A Long Pull To Get There  
George Gershwin I Loves You, Porgy  
George Gershwin Leavin' For The Promise' Lan'  
George Gershwin My Man's Gone Now  
George Gershwin Oh, Bess, Oh Where's My Bess  
George Gershwin Oh, Dere's Somebody Knockin' At De Do  
George Gershwin Oh, Doctor Jesus  
George Gershwin Oh, I Can't Sit Down  
George Gershwin Oh, Lawd, I'm On My Way  
George Gershwin Overflow  
George Gershwin The Buzzard Song  
George Gershwin There's A Boat That's Leavin' Soon For New York  
George Gershwin What You Want Wid Bess  
George Gershwin Lonely Boy  
George Gershwin By Strauss  
George Gershwin Hi-Ho!  
George Gershwin King Of Swing  
George Gershwin Doubting Thomas  
George Gershwin I Won't Give Up Till You Give In To Me  
George Gershwin A Foggy Day  
George Gershwin For You, For Me, For Everyone  
George Gershwin I Can't Be Bothered Now  
George Gershwin I Love To Rhyme  
George Gershwin I Was Doing All Right  
George Gershwin Love Is Here To Stay  
George Gershwin Love Walked In  
George Gershwin Nice Work If You Can Get It  
George Gershwin Sing Of Spring  
George Gershwin Sophia  
George Gershwin Stiff Upper Lip  
George Gershwin They All Laughed  
George Gershwin They Can't Take That Away From Me  
George Gershwin Wake Up, Brother, And Dance  
George Gershwin Pay Some Attention To Me  
George Gershwin Put Me To The Test  
George Gershwin Dawn Of A New Day  
George Gershwin Changing My Tune  
George Gershwin One, Two, Three  
George Gershwin The Back Bay Polka  
George Gershwin Demon Rum  
George Gershwin Stand Up And Fight  
George Gershwin Sweet Packard  
George Gershwin Tour Of The Town  
George Gershwin Waltzing Is Better Than Sitting Down  
George Gershwin Welcome Song  
George Gershwin All The Livelong Day (And The Long, Long Night)  
George Gershwin Unofficial March Of General Holmes  
George Gershwin La, La, Lucille  
George Gershwin Our Nell  
George Gershwin Lady, Be Good!  
George Gershwin Primrose  
George Gershwin Sweet Little Devil  
George Gershwin Tell Me More  
George Gershwin Tip-Toes  
George Gershwin Oh, Kay!  
George Gershwin Funny Face  
George Gershwin Strike Up the Band  
George Gershwin Treasure Girl  
George Gershwin Show Girl  
George Gershwin Strike Up the Band (revidierte Fassung 1930)  
George Gershwin Of Thee I Sing  
George Gershwin Let 'Em Eat Cake  
George Gershwin Pardon My English  
George Gershwin The Dybbuk  
George Gershwin Porgy and Bess  
George Gershwin Entrance Of The Soldiers  
George Gershwin Soldier's March  
George Gershwin Variations On ,I Got Rhythm'  
George Gershwin Promenade  
George Gershwin Walking the Dog  
George Gershwin Balloon Ballet  
George Gershwin Dance Of The Waves  
George Gershwin French Ballet  
George Gershwin Ginger Rhumba  
George Gershwin Graceful And Elegant  
George Gershwin Hoctor's Ballet  
George Gershwin Cuban Overture  
George Gershwin Three Preludes for Piano  
George Gershwin Sleepless Night  
George Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue  
George Gershwin Second Rhapsody  
George Gershwin Lullaby  
George Gershwin Catfish Row  
George Gershwin An American In Paris  
George Gershwin Tango  
George Gershwin Three-Quarter Blues (Irish Waltz)  
George Gershwin Two Waltzes In C  
George Gershwin George White's Scandals of 1920  
George Gershwin George White's Scandals of 1921  
George Gershwin George White's Scandals of 1922  
George Gershwin The French Doll  
George Gershwin George White's Scandals of 1923  
George Gershwin George White's Scandals of 1924  
George Gershwin Carnival Time  
George Gershwin For Lily Pons