Änderungen und neue Einträge in Klassika


Michael Tippett Bonny at Morn  
Michael Tippett Four Songs from the British Isles  
Michael Tippett Wadhurst  
Michael Tippett Lullaby  
Michael Tippett Music  
Michael Tippett The Vision of Saint Augustine  
Michael Tippett The Mask of Time  
Michael Tippett Divertimento on 'Sellinger's Round'  
Michael Tippett The Wolf Trap Fanfare  
Michael Tippett Fantasia on a Theme of Handel  
Michael Tippett Fantasia Concertante on a Theme of Corelli  
Michael Tippett Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis  
Michael Tippett The Blue Guitar  
Michael Tippett Four Inventions  
Michael Tippett Boyhood's End  
Michael Tippett Crown of the Year  
Michael Tippett Concerto for Piano and Orchestra  
Michael Tippett Concerto for Double String Orchestra  
Michael Tippett Concerto for Orchestra  
Michael Tippett The Heart's Assurance  
Michael Tippett Words for Music Perhaps  
Michael Tippett Songs for Achilles  
Michael Tippett Songs for Ariel  
Michael Tippett Songs for Dov  
Michael Tippett Byzantium  
Michael Tippett Caliban's Song  
Michael Tippett The Source  
Michael Tippett The Windhover  
Michael Tippett Dance, Clarion Air  
Michael Tippett Plebs Angelica  
Michael Tippett The Weeping Babe  
Michael Tippett The Midsummer Marriage  
Michael Tippett The Knot Garden  
Michael Tippett The Ice Break  
Michael Tippett New Year  
Michael Tippett A Child of Our Time  
Michael Tippett Little Music  
Michael Tippett Braint from 'Severn Bridge Variations'  
Michael Tippett Festal Brass With Blues  
Michael Tippett Triumph  
Michael Tippett The Rose Lake  
Michael Tippett Preludio al Vespro di Monteverdi  
Michael Tippett Praeludium for Brass, Bells and Percussion  
Michael Tippett In Memoriam Magistri  
Michael Tippett Sonata for Four Horns  
Michael Tippett String Quartet no. 1  
Michael Tippett String Quartet no. 2  
Michael Tippett String Quartet no. 3  
Michael Tippett String Quartet no. 4  
Michael Tippett String Quartet no. 5  
Michael Tippett Suite for the Birthday of Price Charles  
Michael Tippett The Shires Suite  
Michael Tippett New Year Suite  
Michael Tippett Symphony no. 1  
Michael Tippett Symphony no. 3  
Michael Tippett Ritual Dances