Benjamin Britten (1913-1976)

The Ship of Rio

Allgemeine Angaben zum Werk:

Titel: The Ship of Rio
Entstehungszeit: 1932, arr. 1963
Besetzung: Singstimme und Klavier


Textdichter: Walter de la Mare (1873-1956)
Sprache: englisch
Liedtext: There was a ship of Rio
Sail'd out into the blue,
And nine and ninety monkeys
Were all her jovial crew.

From bo'sun to the cabin boy,
From quarter to caboose,
There weren't a stitch of calico
To breech 'em tight or loose;

From spar to deck, from deck to keel,
From barnacle to shroud,
There weren't one pair of reach-me-downs
To all that jabbering crowd.

But wasn't it a gladsome sight,
When roar'd the deep-sea gales,
To see them reef her fore and aft,
A-swinging by their tails!

Oh, wasn't it a gladsome sight,
When glassy calm did come,
To see them squatting tailor-wise
Around a keg of rum!

Oh, wasn't it a gladsome sight,
When in she sail'd to land,
To see them all a-scampering skip
For nuts across the sand!
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